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Yes, people are already lining up for iPhone 7

Technically Incorrect: It doesn't seem to matter whether the phone looks new. People all around the world believe there's a value in lining up for it. But what kind of value?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Perhaps they're just doing business.

Harvard Zhang/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The age of the Apple fanperson is not yet dead.

It may be that iPhone 7 looks almost exactly like iPhone 6, but the faithful are already camping out in order to be one of the first to stroke a little jet black.

As my evidence, may I point to this tweet by Bloomberg intern Harvard Zhang.

Posted on Saturday, not only does it show people having arranged their chairs and tents in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple store, it also makes intimations the likes of which we've heard several times before.

Zhang writes: "iPhone 7 line in NYC. Pls pay $300 for 13th spot+chair, end of queue. Pro line-sitter in 11th said it's a $3K+ job."

The phone doesn't emerge until Friday.

There's always the suspicion that those first in line parade the new phone for a couple of minutes to the waiting cameras before selling them on to dealers or other nefarious types.

Some, perhaps, have nothing better to do but to try to get on TV.

Even though Samsung successfully mocked the whole event a few years ago, still the apparently faithful come back for more. Or, at least, to make a little money.

I find myself, therefore, admiring New Zealand phone provider Spark.

It had a better idea of managing its iPhone 7 line. As the New Zealand Herald reports, Spark offered little robots to the first 100 people ordering the phone.

The robots stand outside the store, so that the humans don't have to.

Now that's a beautiful portend of the future. And so much more seemly too.