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Yarrr! MP3 players for pirates

Donald Bell rounds up 5 MP3 and video players ideal for recording content illegally, or enjoying content distributed over P2P.

The Cowon A3's video recording capabilities make it easy to rip video right from anything with an analog signal. Also, the A3's DIVX video playback support will let you play all those mysterious movie files you don't remember downloading. We won't tell.
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Let's get real. You know you've got some music and movies on your computer you can't exactly vouch for. Maybe you feel guilty about it, maybe you don't, but clearly there are plenty of folks out there who play a little fast and loose when it comes to ripping and sharing music and videos. For example, recent estimates show that 48 percent of the average teenager's iPod is made up of illegally obtained music.

There's at least a hundred different ways to find yourself on the wrong side of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. And while we don't condone piracy in any form (well... maybe toasters), we thought it would be fun to round up some portable music and video players that (in the wrong hands) could make it easy to be an outlaw.

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