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'Yang-Ying' digicam captures Tao of photography

For this shooter, each portion needs the other to function properly as a camera.

Yang-Ying camera
Kubasek Krzystof

We're not sure if we can attain enlightenment with this Yang-Ying digital camera from Polish designer Kubasek Krzystof. It was designed so it could be taken apart, with the black side housing the LCD/lens, and the white half sporting an onboard USB port for transferring of stored images. The shutter button is the black dot on the white portion, and that forms the yin in the yang.

If Krzystof's idea of yin-yang is that they complement each other, this shooter would be a great representation of that notion--each portion needs the other to function properly as a camera. Images captured through the shooter's portion will require the storage area to keep the pictures. And without the camera components, the other part is probably as good as a flash drive.

The designer did not specify the digicam's specifications, but from the looks of the Yang-Ying snapper, it will probably have very basic features. Its best use would probably be to serve as a reminder to do good and elevate your karma.

(Via Crave Asia)