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Yahoo sites on the fritz Friday morning?

Reports start to surface about server downage across several Yahoo properties; is the summer heat to blame?

We've been hearing reports of lag and downtime issues involving Yahoo and several of its properties Friday morning: Yahoo's instant messaging client has been on and off, a reader reported that the Flickr photo-sharing site was down (worked fine for me, though) and the Yahoo main home page and Yahoo News portal have been fickle as well. Some CNET editors and writers encountered similar problems when testing the sites out; others found them to be working fine; still others reported unusually slow load times but no downage.

We've put out a request to Yahoo for comment but have not yet received a response.

Last summer, we saw some heat-wave-related server issues, including a high-profile outage at MySpace. Some regions of the country have had some pretty hot days recently, so the root of these issues at Yahoo could be similar.

Let us know if you've had issues with Yahoo services Friday morning.