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Yahoo settles patent dispute

The portal giant is licensing technology from computer services company NCR as part of a settlement that ends a patent dispute between the two companies.

Computer services company NCR said Tuesday that it has settled a patent-infringement case it brought against Yahoo last year.

The company sued Yahoo in December, accusing it of infringing 10 patents related to e-commerce technology that alerts customers to the availability of a product or the details of an order when they attempt to purchase something online.

As part of the settlement, Yahoo is now licensing the technology, NCR said. The terms of the settlement and the licensing agreement were not disclosed.

NCR spokesman John Hourigan would not comment on the settlement details except to say, "We vigorously enforce our patents."

Founded in 1884 as National Cash Register, NCR has reinvented itself. The company is now a maker of automated teller machines and other finance-related hardware and products, including business automation software, data warehousing programs and customer relationship management products.

Yahoo did not immediately respond to requests for comment.