Yahoo releases Delicious plug-in for IE

Yahoo's Delicious plug-in has been a Firefox phenomenon, but now a beta version is available for Internet Explorer, too.

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Stephen Shankland

Yahoo now offers a beta version of its Delicious browser plug-in for online bookmarking functions.
Yahoo now offers a beta version of its Delicious browser plug-in for online bookmarking functions. Yahoo

Delicious, Yahoo's "social bookmarking" site that lets people archive, tag, and share Web site addresses, got its start closely tied to the Firefox open-source Web browser (download Delicious for Firefox). Now Yahoo is branching out to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, too.

The company released a beta version of the IE plug-in Tuesday (available on Download.com). Though there are differences, the IE version is similar, offering users the ability to add and tag bookmarks and to search their own bookmark collection.

"We're very excited about this release, as we have many users who use Internet Explorer as their primary browser," said Nick Nguyen, senior product manager for Delicious, in a Delcious blog postint Tuesday.

The software works on IE 6, IE 7, and the IE 8 beta on Windows XP and Vista, Yahoo said.