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Yahoo releases Delicious plug-in for IE

With the free plug-in from Yahoo, social bookmarking could get easier for Internet Explorer users.

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The Delicious plug-in makes it easier to add descriptive tags to bookmarks stored at the Delicious site.
The Delicious plug-in makes it easier to add descriptive tags to bookmarks stored at the Delicious site. Yahoo

Investors and industry watchers may have their eyes on Yahoo's executive departures and coming reorganization, but for most people involved with Yahoo are just users of the company's technology.

Which is why it's interesting that Yahoo released a version of its Delicious plug-in for Internet Explorer on Thursday. (Download Delicious Internet Explorer extension 1.0 for Windows.)

The plug-in, which Yahoo released in beta form in May, makes it easier for people to use the Delicious "social bookmarking" site. Delicious lets people store Web page bookmarks on a central server, label them with a description and tags, and share them with others.

Delicious got its plug-in start with the open-source Firefox browser, but the site can be used by anyone with a browser without plug-ins. The Yahoo plug-in works with IE 6, IE 7 and should work with the IE 8 beta, but Yahoo isn't making any promises.