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Yahoo gets social abroad

MasterCard opens up to software and app developers, the most masculine TV we've ever seen, and Yahoo acquires an Indonesian location-based social network.

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Yesterday I wrote about Yahoo's lack of social networking. Today Yahoo announced that it is acquiring a location-based social network called Koprol. It's a start!

Koprol is an Indonesian social network that sounds a lot like FourSquare, only it gives you the option to photograph and review locations that you check in to. 

Will Yahoo use this in all of its mobile products moving forward or is this just a strategic acquisition for the Indonesian market? For what it is worth, I think they should add social features to all mobile products moving forward. I'm not 100% sold on the value of location-based networking yet but Yahoo has to give it a try. The company's opportunity to leverage its userbase for social networking is dwindling by the Internet minute.

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