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Yahoo CEO arrives on Microsoft's turf

Terry Semel addresses a crowd of digital advertisers at the Microsoft confab, but doesn't address Microsoft takeover rumors.

SEATTLE--Yahoo CEO Terry Semel kicked off his speech at a Microsoft conference without any direct mention of the company that hosted him and is rumored to be considering acquiring Yahoo.

Speaking at a Microsoft ad conference, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel called on the two companies to work together more on Internet ad standards. Ina Fried

Instead, Semel launched into a presentation of how Internet advertising is moving beyond just the PC to wireless devices and IPTV.

"It's really more and more about those three screens and how those things happen," Semel said, launching into a discussion of how more people outside the U.S. access the Internet via cell phone and how TV was also moving toward being delivered via Internet Protocol.

As he was setting up for the keynote, Semel declined to speak to the gathering of reporters that had assembled near the stage to ask about the Microsoft takeover rumors.

On stage, in a question-and-answer session with MSN's Joanne Bradford, Semel didn't say whether he had "zillowed" his house, referring to the real-estate estimate Web site. But, he said, "I have zillowed my neighbors' houses. I'm more curious about what they think theirs are worth."

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates admitted Tuesday that he had zillowed his house, but said he believed the $135 million "Zestimate" was not fully valuing his estate.

Semel did make a call for his company and Microsoft to work together on Internet advertising standards.

"We should get the right people together," Semel said. Bradford concurred.