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Yahoo! and Google let you opt out of ads. Remember those?

Google and Yahoo! are letting users opt out of ads. Remember those?

I was scratching my head in wonder at the news that Yahoo! and Google are now making it easy for their users to opt out of advertisement targeting. I can't remember the last time I've seen an ad. I installed Adblock Plus a year or so ago and haven't seen an ad since.

No, I haven't figured out how Google and others can make money in the absence of ad. For that matter, who knows how CNET will?

All I know is that ads are a thing of the past for me, on the TV and on the web. It's nice that Yahoo! and Google are kind of, sort of recognizing this. But for the crowd that will be savvy enough to know how to turn off ads (and will read the press that reports on such things), they're already using Adblock Plus.

In other words, Yahoo! and Google, thank you but no thank you. We've already taken care of our ads.