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Yacht system surfs on the high seas

On-board digital equipment


We're sure it happens to you all the time: When you're out for a weekend cruise on your 23-foot yacht, things can get so boring. There's only so much water one can take, after all.

So when you tire of plodding along at 55 miles per hour on your luxury Frauscher Lido, you can check your e-mail with the on-board system installed by Mii AG (no relation to the Wii so far as we know). The digital specialist, as Luxist describes it, has outfitted the Austrian-made vessel with a 15-inch display, a keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse, as well as a DVD and iTunes player.


There's no word on what type of computer comes with the system, but given that the boat costs $126,000, we doubt it'll be a refurb from Office Depot. Come to think of it, at that price, couldn't they at least have gone to 19 inches? In any case, we hope they remembered to make everything waterproof.