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XOHM! Sprint brings WiMax to Baltimore

Sprint announces XOHM, WiMax network for Baltimore.

If you live in Baltimore and want to experience fast, wireless Internet speeds, then congrats, you've chosen your place of residence wisely. On Monday, Sprint announced that Baltimore would be the first U.S. city to have access to its new WiMax mobile data network known as Xohm.

Xohm is a wireless data service which, thanks to its WiMax capability, will purportedly give you broadband-like speeds on your wireless PC.

Prices for the service start at $10 for 24 hours of unlimited usage, $25 for monthly home Internet service, and $30 for monthly on-the-go service. A special launch price includes a $50 "Pick 2 for Life" monthly service option covering two different WiMax devices. As for contracts, Sprint, in an "effort to free customers of restrictive long-term plans," is not requiring them to sign a contract to use the service.

They are requiring that you use the service in downtown Baltimore, however. Sprint claims that customers will be seeing speeds of 2 to 4 megabits per second for downloads.

Customers interested in the service can purchase either a Xohm-branded Samsung Express air card for $59.99 or a ZyXEL modem for $79.99. One of the two will be necessary to use the service.

Baltimore is just the beginning, however, as Sprint is planning to expand the service to Chicago and Washington D.C. soon and later to Philadelphia, Portland, Ore., and Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.