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XM jumps on DirecTV platform

Beginning Nov. 15, DirecTV will broadcast dozens of the music and talk radio shows offered by XM Satellite.

DirecTV announced on Thursday that it will provide music and talk radio shows to subscribers through a new partnership with XM Satellite Radio.

The nation's No.1 digital TV broadcaster will start beaming approximately half of XM's 150 commercial-free audio channels to DirecTV's 14.6 million subscribers on Nov. 15, the companies said.

XM, whose subscriber base recently topped 5 million, is hoping that DirecTV customers who sample its music, sports and talk radio channels will opt for a subscription. XM rival Sirius Satellite Radio signed a similar deal with Dish Network in May 2004.

"DirecTV offers a fantastic platform for people to experience some of the amazing content we offer on XM. We know from experience that when people get to sample XM, they want to become XM subscribers," Patricia Kesling, XM's senior vice president for marketing and operations, said in a statement.

Depending on the viewing packages they're already getting from DirecTV, TV viewers will be able to access 50, 65 or 70 XM channels. In addition, XM will air the Major League Baseball "Home Plate" talk radio channel, and its High Voltage channel, featuring talk radio broadcasters Opie and Anthony, via the DirecTV platform.