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Xbox Game Room launches, but with issues

Microsoft makes virtual arcade available to Xbox Live customers, but suffers hiccups when some games don't load properly. Issues have been resolved, company says.

Microsoft launched its Game Room virtual arcade for Xbox 360 on Wednesday, but it seems like some of the machines still had quarters jammed in the coin slot.

Announced at CES in January, the Game Room for Xbox 360 allows users to create their own virtual arcade. The feature launched on Wednesday, though not all the games were loading properly. Microsoft

Game Room, which was announced at January's Consumer Electronics Show, allows Xbox Live players to create their own virtual arcade of classic games. The service went live on Wednesday, though some of the games were not loading properly.

"Game Room is available for download, but there appears to be some problems with loading games," Microsoft's Larry Hryb (better known by his gamertag Major Nelson) said in a Twitter posting early Wednesday. "It's being investigated."

Hryb said later that the Game Room issues appear to be resolved.

The feature has been slated to launch with about 30 titles from developers such as Atari, Intellivision, and Konami. Microsoft said in January to expect five to seven additional games to be released each week.

Game Room is one of several features coming this year for the Xbox 360. The biggest, of course, is the motion-sensing Project Natal. Due out in time for the holidays, Natal is an add-on for the Xbox 360 that lets users control video games using only their body.

Update 11:50 p.m.: Microsoft sent me a short statement.

"Due to overwhelming interest from the community, we understand some people have experienced issues accessing 'Game Room' and purchasing 'Game Room' titles," Microsoft said. "We're actively working to resolve the issue, and appreciate your patience. We'll update you as soon as 'Game Room' is up and running on both Xbox 360 and Windows PC."

Has anyone given it a try recently? Let me know if it's working and, if not, where things are hanging up.