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Xbox 720 requires Kinect?

Documents suggest a future Microsoft platform will mandate motion-sensing peripheral and game installs and will allow multiple titles to be played at once.

The Xbox 720 rumor floodgates are pouring over. A source speaking to Kotaku has reportedly obtained two Xbox 720 development kits, as well as system overview documents, which detail the specifications of Microsoft's still-unannounced next-generation platform.

The first bit of information from the source, who goes by the name SuperDaE, claims the Xbox 720 will require Kinect to function. According to the source, an updated and improved version of Kinect will ship with every unit sold and will not be an optional accessory, as the motion-sensing device currently is for Xbox 360.

For the Xbox 720, gamers will need to have the new Kinect plugged in and calibrated for the console to function at all, the source said.

This mandatory Kinect implementation for the Xbox 720 will reportedly be a benefit for developers. Because every system is guaranteed to have a Kinect unit, studios can program their games with the technology in mind, the source said.

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