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Xbox 360 saying goodbye to its Pro console?

Rumors are beginning to claim that Microsoft will be dropping the 60GB Pro console from the Xbox 360 line.


Video game console SKUs seem to be dropping like flies these days. Just 24 hours after hearing about how Japan may lose the 80GB PlayStation 3, rumors are starting to swirl about the Xbox 360 saying goodbye to its "Pro" model. The claim is only strengthened by the above image, which shows an Arcade box comparing only two consoles instead of the older box art (to the left), which looks at three.

Keeping track of console SKUs has become quite the task, but it seems that Microsoft will narrow the Xbox 360 line to the bare-bones Arcade model and the beefy 120GB hard drive Elite version. The current Pro console originally shipped with a 20GB hard drive which was subsequently bumped up to 60GB last year.

We'd imagine once the phasing out is complete that the Elite will fall to around $300 with the Arcade sticking at $200. Of course we're not against dropping the prices on both of these systems--we just don't expect anything like that to happen until the holidays.

(Via Kotaku)