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Xbox 360 Kinect bundles

New Xbox 360 owners can opt to buy the console bundled with a Kinect accessory, for a net $50 savings.

Originally known as Project Natal, Microsoft's Kinect is unique in the motion controller realm in that it's not really a controller at all. Instead, it's a camera and motion sensor that sits at the front of the room and keys off your body's movements, turning you into the controller.

If you determine that the Kinect is right for you--and if your living room is big enough--there are three ways to buy. Those who already have an Xbox 360 can get the Kinect accessory for $149, but anyone who wants to get a new Xbox with the Kinect included can opt for the 4GB bundle ($299) or 250GB bundle ($399). Both of them represent a $50 savings versus buying the standalone consoles and the Kinect accessory separately.

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