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X-mini Max II, Happy to launch mid-September

Generation two of the X-mini Max will retail for $59 and will come in two additional colors black and red.

At double the sonic boom of the original, the Max II is the only one in the X-mini family to deliver more directional stereo.
Kelvin Low/CNET Asia
X-mini Happy
The MP3-playing Xmini Happy is slated for a September launch as well. Kelvin Low/CNET Asia

Five months after the X-mini Max II and MP3-playing X-mini Happy were announced, they're finally ready to ship globally come mid next month. According to Singapore company XM-I, both speakers have had their drivers fine-tuned for better sound playback. Certainly, when we got a demo of the tweaked Max II, it was a blast.

Generation two of the X-mini Max will retail for $59. In addition to the white prototype we saw in April, there will now be two additional color choices: black and red. The volume dial now sits on the cable.

For X-mini fans concerned about the loss of portability with the significantly bulkier Max II, CEO Ryan Lee told CNET Asia that this latest iteration will be as large as the series gets, with the intent being to obtain the best directional stereo sound possible out of a pair of portable speakers. The hood, angled cones, and bigger drivers have inevitably led to the Max II gaining more girth.

Meanwhile, battery life maxes out at a claimed 12 hours, similar to the X-mini II's mono outing.

Meanwhile, the MP3 playback-capable Happy doesn't yet have a price tag, but we're told it will be bundled with a 2GB SD card.

Both speakers come standard with the buddy-jack system, which allows users to daisy-chain as many X-mini units as they desire to crank up the decibels.

(Source: Crave Asia)