X-mini capsule speaker goes pink with Hello Kitty

The ubiquitous feline grabs hold of yet another gadget, this time the X-mini capsule speakers from XMI.

Juniper Foo
X-mini Hello Kitty speaker
Crave Asia

Ready for this? Yes, it's another feline invasion of the lipless kind, this time in the shape of pink and white X-mini Hello Kitty Capsule Speakers. Given that the cat's incapable of articulating anything, this makes for an odd pairing.

Still, Singapore vendor XMI, which dropped by CNET Asia's labs to surprise us with this Kitty outing, believes this to be a sound investment. Its CEO, Ryan Lee, hopes to snag the other half of a demographic that has been predominantly male.

Will the female set see this Hello Kitty mini boombox as a must-have accessory in their gadget arsenal? That remains to be seen when this goes to market in mid-October. For now, XMI is rolling out its special-edition speaker only in Singapore, with plans for other markets eventually.

Battery life is touted at 12 hours, though the sticker price of $44--$7 more than the original--is a tad steep for a mini speaker. But everything we liked about the spunky X-mini II is here, right down to the "mighty sounds."

(Source: Crave Asia)