Wristband guitar won't break a sweat

Paying homage to Avril Lavigne, maybe?


This whole air guitar thing is apparently getting a wee bit out of control (not to be confused with Wii). It all started last year with the air guitar T-shirt but has since spawned other virtual devices such as the "Air Guitar Pro" neck and, most recently, an electric pick.

At least the last few iterations have borne some characteristics of the actual instrument, albeit in amputated form. The latest toy, however, does away with any aspects of the guitar altogether under the guise of a wristband, of all things. Maybe it's supposed to honor Avril Lavigne. Or something.

Like other simulated instruments, the "AirMusician" has built-in sensors that detect arm movements, but this one doesn't play mangled tunes based on your own picks. Instead, according to Fareastgizmos, it simply plays one of five pre-programmed songs, including "Smoke on the Water," upon sensing your motions. Which prompts us to ask: Is there anything that doesn't play "Smoke on the Water"? That's what we thought.