Wrapping up (parent.thesis)

Amy and Michael Tiemann present the final entry in their (parent.thesis) blog.

Today I am writing to let you know that Michael and I have decided to wrap up the (parent.thesis) blog. Writing it for the past ten months has been a wonderful opportunity to explore the issues surrounding family and technology. Blogging for CNET also turned out to be an overwhelming task for us, given that we each already work full-time. So we have found that we cannot sustain a daily conversation in this arena, though we are confident that our experience as CNET bloggers will continue to inform other areas of our work.

I love the serendipity of blogging. You never know exactly which topic will resonate with other people. The (parent.thesis) reaction that surprised me the most was the incredible interest in my post A kids'-eye view of laptop design that I wrote about construction paper laptops created by kids at our local school. After appearing on CNET, The Morning News wrote a feature story about the laptops, the designs made it onto Boing Boing, and have gone around the world since then. Just this week I had a request to reprint one of the designs in the UK Metro newspaper.

The tech community is not always aligned with a parent's-eye view of the world, so I was happy to find that people everywhere were interested to see the features kids came up with when they designed laptops from scratch. Even the most jaded techies found delight in the dedicated "kitten" and "Harry Potter trivia" keys.

So, as we sign off, I leave you with a design by your future tech users, the Mini Laptop Club.

Mini Laptop Club