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Wozniak weighs in on 'Big Idea' challenge

A melding of the minds aims to prosper at the IdeaFestival and the "What's Your Big Idea" contest.

After , Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain, and the folks at Geek Squad and IdeaFestival released details Monday.

The contest aims to generate a number of ideas that will address social, economic and environmental concerns. The winners will attend the IdeaFestival in Kentucky, which draws participants from a number of fields, ranging from the arts, music, entertainment, medicine and the media to discuss solutions around similar issues.

"You get to hear different points of view, from people with different backgrounds and that's where you come up with surprises," said Wozniak, who will be one of the participants at the festival.

The "What's Your Big Idea?" contest is open to all with access to a Web browser and a good idea. Participants can enter one or a number of tech ideas in one of three categories posted on the Geek Squad site: e-waste, power conservation, and untapped resources.

The public is allowed to chime in and vote for 20 favorite finalists until Aug. 13. The finalists' ideas are then vetted by a panel, which will then evaluate them based on such criteria as innovation and feasibility, selecting a total of nine winners from each of the three categories.

Each of the nine winners will receive a trip for two and accommodations to attend the IdeaFestival in Louisville, Ky., September 13 to 15, where they'll each get one day with special advisers, conference attendees and others to fine-tune their ideas.