Woz says the Apple Watch is art and millions will buy it

Technically Incorrect: The Apple co-founder, no fan of smartwatches, thinks the Apple Watch will be a big hit from the start.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Steve Wozniak wants an Apple Watch. So, he says, will millions. BBC screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You're probably shaving your wrist-hairs in anticipation.

Either that or you're thinking: "Hell, Apple is coming out with a watch and millions of iSheep are going to love it."

What, though, does Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak think? He's not been entirely amused by smartwatches until now. Last year, he described the Samsung Galaxy Gear as " worthless."

This wasn't mere competitive spittle from an Apple fanperson. Woz is known to use and like many Android devices.

However, now that the Apple Watch is due to emerge shortly, he's smitten. In a new interview with the BBC, he explained that Apple simply makes products "more fun than anyone else."

For Woz, the Apple Watch's display is "like a little piece of art." He believes that everyone in "hip, camp areas" will be salivating so much, they will want it instantly.

But will they be hippy campers? How will this watch possibly appeal to the younger audiences, some of whom have never heard of watches? Woz believes the Apple Watch will have to feature enough good uses.

"Look at how many people have diabetes," he said. "If this thing's actually measuring blood sugars and monitoring them all day long, oh my gosh, there's a built-in niche market that's huge already."

Surely, though, the mere design, the mere image, the mere newness of the Apple Watch will bring hordes to the cause.

Woz said: "Everybody who owns Apple products will buy it and that means millions of people will buy this watch right from the start and that helps get a critical mass going."

If everybody who owns Apple products immediately bought a watch that mass would be so critical as to frighten (well, and excite) every single smartwatch pretender and contender.

The question is whether people will be happy, for example, charging yet another gadget every night. Will they take one look at the actual, finished thing and simply desire it beyond control?

Most importantly, will there be lines of people outside every single Apple store? Will they all stand quietly, one behind the other, with their wrists outstretched, waiting for them to be a baptized by a new gadget they can show off to everyone who doesn't have one?