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Woz: iPhone 45 will mean you won't need humans

In his usual free-associative way, Steve Wozniak tells an Australian audience that in a foreseeable future, his iPhone will know more about him than humans do.

James Martin/CNET

I can't get enough of Steve Wozniak.

Fortunately, there's quite a lot of him to go around -- especially when he decides to pronounce on, well, anything that takes his fancy.

The Apple co-founder is currently in Australia, which means he is already clutching an iPhone 5, while you are still dreaming of the moment.

However, while he's there, he's already been expounding on iPhone 45. That's not a typo. That's not iPhone 4S. That's iPhone 45.

I am grateful to Australia's 9 News for telling me that Woz was speaking yesterday to some of Brisbane's finest business minds and extolling the iPhone's future possibilities.

At the QUT Business Leaders Forum, Woz waxed very lyrically about artificial intelligence and how he's rather excited by the prospect.

"In 40 years we will have computers that are conscious, that have feelings, that have a personality," he said.

Some would say that Macs have had a personality for quite some time. However, the idea of a computer that has feelings might cause some to have a disagreement with their morning sausage.

Won't this mean one more drama queen to tolerate? Won't this mean one more entity with needs that have to be satisfied and an ego that has to be constantly stroked?

Perhaps not.

You see, Woz continued: "My iPhone will know so much about me, I won't want you humans."

This is quite fascinating logic. So the reason that Woz wants humans currently is so that there are entities around who know a lot about him?

Many humans go through life trying to make sure that no one knows too much about them, so that their own more difficult traits can remain in their shell. I know that Mark Zuckerberg is trying to change this habit, but not with absolute success.

And yet Woz seems prepared to jettison human beings in favor of the complex and erudite character known as iPhone 45.

It's a confident choice. Yet Woz continued his thought by saying: "A few of us might be replaced by machines, and we might have to restructure society."

Well, when you say "replaced", Woz, do you mean as in "eliminated"?

Of course the difficulty might be that when iPhone 45 comes along, we'll all have the technical ability to live forever.

Will our constant companions and lovers be our little pocket gadgets?

What a moving world that promises to be.