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Would you buy a gold iPhone for $6,000?

That's the price the high bidder apparently will pay for 24k model on eBay.


Readers are always asking, justifiably so, who in their right minds would buy a gold or diamond-
studded gadget. (The operative phrase here is "right minds," of course.) But ours is not to question why.

What we do know, if this eBay auction is any indication, is that some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a 24k gold iPhone--presuming that the bids are authentic. The auction, tracked by Gizmodo, drew 69 bids and ended with a sale price of $6,000 last night.

The phone itself is unlocked and of the 16GB variety, apparently from an outfit appropriately dubbed iCandyPhones. The winner's handle wasn't disclosed, perhaps for fear of ridicule by his or her friends.