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World's priciest iPad costs $1.2 million

Camael Diamonds ratchets the iPad price up to $1.2 million by bedazzling it with heaps of diamonds and gold. Take that, tough economic times!

Camael Diamonds iPad
All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it's diamonds. Camael Diamonds

My iPad 2 is looking a little pale and shabby in comparison to the $1.2 million diamond-encrusted iPad from Camael Diamonds. The company calls it the world's most expensive iPad, and I'm not going to argue with that.

For do-it-yourselfers who want to bedazzle their own iPads, this only requires 1 kilo of 18 carat gold and 300 carats worth of perfect diamonds. Black diamonds grace the home button and Apple logo on the back. Just pop down to your local jeweler to pick up all the supplies you need.

Camael will happily customize your gazillion-dollar iPad with the gems of your choice. This is a smart way to go, as it would be horribly embarrassing to accidentally pick up someone else's look-alike diamond-slathered iPad at Starbucks.

Camael says it has already received inquiries about customizing its iPad offering. I'm not sure who is making those inquiries, but I don't think it's anyone I know. I'll ask around just to be sure. If it's you, please be sure to confess in the comments.

The Camael iPad joins a crowded field of luxury gadgets that includes a gold-plated Kindle, a Versace cell phone, and a diamond-covered iPhone. These may all be effective ways to flaunt your wealth in the face of tough economic times, but the diamond iPad trounces the competition when it comes to sheer garishness.

If $1.2 million is a little on the high side for your budget, you can always step down to the gold-plated iPad for just $146,000. What a bargain!

(Via Luxury Launches)