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World of Housecraft: Greatest apartment listing ever

A San Francisco resident seeking a roommate put up one of the greatest apartment listings ever.

Were I in San Francisco, I would proudly share a roof with these deranged nerds. In what is possibly the greatest listing Craigslist has ever seen, three roommates are looking for one more to share their rent by inviting gamers to join "World of Housecraft." $738 per month in SOMA is a pretty good price, and the apartment description makes it even harder to pass up:

"Descend into the World of Housecraft and join three mighty heroes in a world of myth, magic, and limitless adventure. Four rooms of wireless cable Internet, Xbox 360, and an epic supply of fresh beverages and condiments await."

The extreme, colorful nerding of this ad isn't too surprising once you realize exactly who put it up. The three roommates run a small SF-based design company called Hyperprism. Well, when you get three graphic-design geeks under one roof, this is what you get. Good show!