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World Economic Forum: "Collaborative innovation is the answer to...[all] global challenges"

The way forward is together.

The World Economic Forum opened today with a call for more collaborative innovation. Tim O'Reilly talks about software above the layer of a single device, but the attendees in Davos are being asked to consider innovation above the layer of a single developer/person/group.

Imagine that.

"'The Power of Collaborative Innovation' is the answer to all the big global challenges we are facing," said Co-Chair Tony Blair, [former] Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007).

The sessions have titles like "Business: Competing While Collaborating." I would assume the conference organizers have something more in mind than patent schemes to stripmine and undermine the rising open-source community. After all, Bill Gates has moved on to charitable work from his former work. But I could be wrong. :-)