World Cup memes: Oprah announces she's rooting for Mexico

And YOU get a goal! And YOU get a goal! The talk-show queen made a video supporting El Tri. Plus: Lots and lots of penalty kicks.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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World Cup watchers, are you on the Mexico bandwagon yet? Make room for talk show legend Oprah Winfrey, who announced in an Instagram video on Sunday that she's rooting for El Tri.

World Cup fever at our house!

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The Mexican team was quick to welcome her to the fold, tweeting, "Please welcome our newest member to the Incondicionales family!!!" 

And it didn't take long for her fellow Mexico fans to welcome her with plenty of memes and GIFs. Many referenced famed Oprah moments of the past, including her 2004 episode where she gave a new car to every member of her studio audience. "You get a World Cup!" joked one Twitter user.

Mexico takes on Brazil Monday morning, so we'll soon see if the power of Oprah affects World Cup matches.

Oprah aside, Sunday was a lively day in the World Cup. Host country Russia tied powerhouse Spain, then knocked out the Spaniards when the game went to penalty kicks.

Naturally, as with anything involving Russia these days, fans had thoughts. Wrote one Twitter user, "Russia stealing the US election and stealing a match vs Spain. #Worldcup".

And another said, "I'm on season three of The Americans so I basically have come to believe that Russians are capable of anything but not even that show could prepare me for the shock of Russia beating Spain and making the quarterfinals of the World Cup."

In the game itself, Spain's Gerard Piqué came under Twitter fire for hitting the ball with his arm, earning Russia a penalty kick. 

Since the player has two children with Colombian singer Shakira, some teased that he picked up his dance moves from her.

Also on Sunday, Croatia eliminated Denmark on penalty kicks after a 1-1 tie, and will face host country Russia. 

Both goalkeepers, Denmark's Kasper Schmeichel and Croatia's Danijel Subašić, turned in stunning performances, and fans noticed. "I'm so happy for Croatia but (the) Danish goalie almost gave me (a) heart attack, wtf man he's amazing, he lost the match but he won so many hearts for sure," wrote one watcher.

Also over the weekend, fans were praising the England national team, as well as other players, including France's Kylian Mbappé, for donating their World Cup earnings to charity.

And while we didn't do a tweet roundup for Saturday's games, which saw powerhouses Argentina (and star Lionel Messi!) and Portugal (Cristiano Ronaldo!) knocked out, we really should have just for this one alone. A non-official account in the name of the Falkland Islands tweeted out, "Don't cry 4-3 Argentina."

More drama is coming Monday, when Brazil and Mexico meet, and Japan plays Belgium.

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