Neymar and Brazil roll out of World Cup and into Twitter memes

Plus: France's goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, almost ate a dragonfly, and some say it gave him superpowers.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Brazilian star Neymar is done making headlines for flopping -- or anything else World Cup related, because his team was knocked out of the tournament on Friday by Belgium.

That gave fans one last chance to pull out their best Neymar memes. "Neymar and Brazil rolling all the way home," cracked Bleacher Report, posting a short video or Neymar rolling down an airport baggage carousel.

Belgium now heads to the semifinals for the second time in history and the first time since 1986. Many watchers were impressed by Belgium's Romelu Lukaku, who did his team proud. "Lukaku is the best player of the World Cup so far don't @ me," wrote one.

France also advanced to the semifinals, defeating Uruguay 2-0. 

Only European teams are left in the tournament, and many of the traditional powerhouses have gone home. 

"For the first time in #WorldCup history none of Brazil, Argentina or Germany will be in the semifinals," wrote one Twitter user. "That is crazy."

And in that game, Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera missed what seemed to be a pretty ordinary shot, extending France's lead to two goals. 

Twitter noticed. Many compared him to Liverpool keeper Loris Karius, who made two goal-allowing blunders against Real Madrid in the recent Champions League final. And one person posted a photo of a Siamese cat grabbing at a ball, and labeled it, "Still a better goalkeeper than #Muslera."

But some felt sorry for the player, who's having a difficult week. "Muslera lost his grandmother this Monday, his uncle this Tuesday and now his mistake today," said one.

Uruguay defender José Giménez broke down in tears before the game ended, drawing comment and sympathy from many. Some were outraged that Gary Neville, a retired player commenting on the game for Sky Sports, criticized the tears. 

"Gary Neville calling Jose Gimenez embarrassing for crying when his country has been knocked out is pathetic," said one Twitter user. "All of the players rolling around on the floor is embarrassing, caring that much about your countries performance is not. "

Also, France's goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, almost ate a dragonfly. So there's that. 

"Both Dragonfly & ball denied by Hugo Lloris today," one Twitter user wrote.

More drama -- and maybe more dragonflies -- are on deck for Saturday, when England plays Sweden and Russia takes on Croatia.