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World Cup: England vs. U.S. re-enacted in Lego

A very helpful Lego Fussball version of the England/USA World Cup match allows you to experience the pain and the glory (depending on your allegiance) in Lego World.

Many around the world were deeply moved by Saturday's World Cup encounter between England and the United States. While many Americans feared their team might be outclassed, perhaps they weren't fully aware that the England team flatters to deceive more often than a telemarketer.

The game, which finished 1-1, was highlighted by one of the most glorious English goalkeeping errors (enacted by the latest English net custodian, Robert Green), in a veritable pantheon of glorious English goalkeeping errors.

Should you have missed the game, or merely found the experience unbearable, some very enterprising Legoists would like you to enjoy a more, well, playful version.

I thank the Guardian for bringing us all closer to these highlights (there were really only a couple), performed by little Fussball men in Lego World.

The movement of England captain Steven Gerrard is beautifully realized. The joy of his teammates is captured in a manner entirely appropriate to stiff upper lips.

And when America's Clint Dempsey wanders forward and shoots with all the strength of ginger ale and Green allows the ball to bounce off his hands and into the goal, it is an exhibition of vast poignancy.

Indeed, when the Lego Green makes the mistake for which he will always be known--my hope for the English tabloids' favorite headline was "Glove Muppet," but they went for "Hand of Clod"-- his Lego stand-in not only offers a little face-down despair, but then gets up only to fall backward in a gesture of utterly human horror.

It is a pity that both goalkeepers' Lego iterations wear caps. It prevents us from fully enjoying their expressions.

However, one's heart can only look forward to the Lego version of USA/Slovenia, which takes place Friday. Might I suggest that you will be able to enjoy it better by securing your own sound effects. Yes, those sweetly humming trumpets you can hear during every game have now been immortalized in the Vuvuzela iPhone app.

(Disclosure--and shameless plug: I am blogging about the World Cup for Please come over and say hello. For Americans, I have already posted a special World Cup guide to help you gain enthusiasm for the coming weeks of uncontrolled world joy.)