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World Cup 2018 memes: England wins, fans say 'it's coming home'

Overjoyed Three Lions fans are ready to claim that trophy, while some point out England hasn't faced any tough competition.

Editor's note: This is the latest in a series of posts highlighting the most viral moments ofย the 2018 World Cup.

English fans are a little excited that their national team beat Panama 6-1 in the World Cup on Sunday, guaranteeing a place in the round of 16. A little excited? OK, these long-deprived fans are crazy excited.

Many fans, including Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, are citing the 1996 anthem, Three Lions, which declares fans' faith in the team to win the day and bring football home to the country of its birth.

Many fans just tweeted, "It's coming home," but others had fun with it. "It's definitely on its way home, it may get lost on the way but it's heading in the right direction," wrote one Twitter user. Wrote YouTuber Chris Dixon: "Getting 'it's coming home' tattooed on my forehead as we speak."

English team captain Harry Kane scored the third-ever hat trick by an England player in the World Cup, and fans were thrilled. "I reckon (Princes) William and Harry will fight over who will knight Harry Kane. It will be on pay per view," wrote one Twitter user. Another stole a line from Hagrid of Harry Potter, declaring, "You're a wizard, Harry."

Although in true English form, not everyone was clearing a space on their trophy shelf, pointing out the team hasn't exactly played top-notch teams. "Calm down mate. It's Panama. Scunthorpe Utd would beat them," wrote one Twitter user. Said another: "What a joke, we're playing crap teams for goodness sake. Be great if England win but we won't."

Japan and Senegal also played Sunday, and while they ended in a 2-2 tie, the game was lauded for its high quality. "Japan vs. Senegal is probably the match of the tournament. So fun," wrote one viewer.