It's World Animal Day, but Twitter has its mind on tacos

Social Cues: It's hard picking between delicious tacos and adorable animals. Luckily, we have both.

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It's World Animal Day, but some would argue tacos are more important.

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People on Twitter are hankering for tacos, while Facebook users want to save animals. No one is thinking much about Tuesday's vice presidential debate -- yet.

Julian Assange's WikiLeaks promises took over the trending topics list on Tuesday morning, as did Twitter champ National Taco Day. Facebook took a different route and pushed for World Animal Day.

Social Cues is your daily go-to guide on what's buzzing across your social media. Here's what is trending on Facebook and Twitter:

National Taco Day: Whether you like them soft-shelled or hard-shelled (what is wrong with you?), October 4 is the day to celebrate the comfort food, no matter how decadent it gets. In Texas, politicians are even offering free tacos if you register to vote. If you know any places offering free tacos, join the conversation on Twitter. You can also wash it all down with Russia's favorite liquor. It's National Vodka Day too.

World Animal Day: Facebook users decided to celebrate a more compassionate, though not as delicious, cause. Newsfeeds on Facebook clogged with cute photos of dogs, cats, pandas and other adorable animals. The day is dedicated to raising international awareness of wildlife and how humans should coexist with nature. The trend popped up on Twitter eventually, but much later than it did for Facebook.

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange was buzzing across so much of Twitter on Tuesday that subjects related to him took up three trending spots, under #OctoberSurprise, #WikiLeaks10 and Assange. On WikiLeaks' 10th anniversary, the organization vowed to release about 1 million documents related to the US election and Google before November 8. It's unclear what the leaks will reveal, but Twitter users are speculating it will affect Hillary Clinton's campaign.

New York Attorney General: Donald Trump's charity organization was ordered to stop raising funds in New York after state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a cease-and-desist order. A probe of the Trump Foundation alleges that it was operating illegally for failing to register with the state as a charity, and the AG's office threatened to label the organization a "continuing fraud" if Trump did not comply with the order. Facebook users piled onto the news as another scandal hits Trump's campaign.

Harry Potter: Get ready to return to Hogwarts. All eight Harry Potter movies will be back on the big screen in IMAX theaters for one week, starting October 14. The magic marathon also will offer a peek at the spin-off movie, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," which hits theaters on November 18. Harry Potter fans on Facebook were eager to apparate to their nearest IMAX theater. In case you're wondering what order to watch then in, here are the Harry Potter movies ranked from worst to best.