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Works of art: Draw Something creations by Crave readers

Well, color us impressed. Crave readers once again show off their talents with some amazing Draw Something sketches. Check out the masterpieces here.

We got a ton of awesome submissions from Crave readers like Loyd Calomay of Corona, Calif., (who drew the image on the left) and Joseph Naim of Melbourne, Australia. (Click to enlarge.)

Whether we're looking for Instagram photos or the biggest "Star Wars" fan, you never disappoint us, Crave readers. This time is no different.

Last week, after Zynga snatched up Draw Something creator OMGPOP, we asked you to send in your best sketches from the game, and you delivered once again.

We received dozens of amazing works of work from all over the world, including Denmark, Australia, England, and the Philippines. Your Draw Something creations absolutely floored us -- and made us realize that we draw like 2-year-olds.

That's OK, though. It also inspired us to step up our game, and we had a blast looking through all the submissions. Alas, there can only be one winner of our contest, and you'll have to check out the gallery above, as well as the video below, to see who gets that title. The lucky person will receive a dual-tip stylus/paintbrush from Nomad Brush, and an Atari 10-in-1 Plug It In & Play TV Games controller and games package from JakksPacific.