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A working Lego combination safe: Know the code or break the bricks

Safe crackers will get their skills tested with a functioning combination safe made from Lego parts.

Stash your precious bricks in this Lego safe. JK Brickworks

You're a top safe cracker. You dress in black and sneak into a high-security building to steal a microchip full of state secrets. You find the safe. It's built out of Lego parts.

The only way inside is to either know the code or break the safe into pieces.

Jason Alleman of JK Brickworks has built a functional combination safe entirely from Lego pieces, according to a video posted last week on YouTube. The safe has a working three-number combo lock accessed through a classic spinning dial mechanism that is made partly of a radar dish piece from a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon set. You just need to remember which symbol on the dish coincides with the combination code.

A Lego safe is not the place to put your most valuable possessions, but Alleman's design incorporates a sturdy frame that makes it almost impossible to simply disassemble the structure. It can be foiled through force, but it would take some effort.

If you want a Lego safe of your very own, you can follow the JK Brickworks build instructions and start stashing your most precious minifigs and bricks away. Just keep this warning in mind: "Be sure you actually know the combination before fully assembling and locking the safe! I designed this safe so that you can't just take it apart normally. If you have to break into it you might have to physically break some pieces."

Alleman is no stranger to ambitious Lego builds. His previous work includes a model of a particle accelerator, as well as a mosaic Lego printer made from Lego parts called the Bricasso.

(Via Brothers Brick)