New 'Wonder Woman' trailer goes from paradise to war

Wonder Woman wants to save world, but there's a shadow over her story in a fresh full-length trailer for the 2017 standalone movie.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

"I used to want to save the world, this beautiful place. But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness within," Diana Prince/Wonder Woman says in a new "Wonder Woman" trailer that hints at a decades-spanning timeline for her standalone superhero movie.

The trailer moves from modern day deep into the past of World War I. The first "Wonder Woman" trailer dropped at San Diego Comic-Con in July and was long on visuals and action, but short on story.

The new trailer continues to play the plot close to the vest. We get even more slo-mo action shots, including a loving look at Wonder Woman's wrist cuff deflecting a bullet and an exciting clip of her golden Lasso of Truth arcing through the air.

Gal Gadot returns to the role of Wonder Woman. She first appeared as the superhero in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" earlier this year. "Wonder Woman" will wind back in time, delving into her origin story on the tropical Amazonian island of Themyscira. Chris Pine of "Star Trek"-reboot fame co-stars as US Air Force pilot Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman celebrated her 75th birthday earlier this year, based on the release of her first comic book appearance. She was named United Nations' Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls in October. She'll finally be able to add a standalone film to her list of accomplishments when "Wonder Woman" opens in June 2017.

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