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Wonder Woman, Stevie Wonder throw down in 'Epic Rap Battles'

The latest lyrical showdown on the YouTube series "Epic Rap Battles of History" pits a fictional DC Comics superhero against a famous pop star.

Diana Prince will grace movie theaters in 2017 with the new "Wonder Woman" film starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Legendary blind pop star Stevie Wonder recorded more than 30 US top ten songs and received 25 Grammy Awards. But how does one compare the two pop culture icons?

In "Epic Rap Battles of History: Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder" posted on YouTube on Tuesday, we see what would happen if fiction and fact collided in an impressive linguistic duel.

In the hilarious video, Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh, who uses the nickname Superwoman, aptly plays the role of Wonder Woman. American rapper and producer T-Pain steps in as an impressive Stevie Wonder.

In typical "Epic Rap Battles of History" style, the rhymes are rude and on point. Though it's hard to imagine either Wonder Woman or Stevie Wonder being this mean to each other.

"I'm the ceremony master blaster with the bars, and I got more Grammys than your panties got stars," Stevie Wonder (T-Pain) sings.

"Well I'm a woman who wonders what you're thinking, some of your records make me wish you started drinking," Wonder Woman (Lilly Singh) replies. Ouch.

Wonder Woman's invisible plane doesn't look that silly, does it?

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Even Wonder Woman's invisible plane isn't safe from a few jabs.

"Your ignorant questions could never cause as much pain as never knowing how stupid you look in your airplane," Stevie Wonder sings.

Who do you think won?

Previous Epic Rap Battles have included Pokemon's Ash Ketchum vs. Charles Darwin, Deadpool vs. Boba Fett, Jim Henson vs. Stan Lee, Ghostbusters vs. MythBusters, Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla, and Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates.