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Wonder Woman, Cyborg teasers released for 'Justice League'

The last two individual teasers of the week are now out there, as fans await Saturday's full trailer.

Brief teasers and posters highlighting Aquaman, Batman and The Flash hit on Thursday in advance of this weekend's full "Justice League" trailer.

They were followed on Friday by Wonder Woman and Cyborg teasers.

Now we're just waiting for Saturday.

Wonder Woman's teaser shows Gal Gadot slowly moving from her Diana Prince character to full-on WW. Diana starts out dressed elegantly in an all-white suit with her hair pinned up, cleaning a statue, but ends the short teaser displaying her shield and using her bracelets, in full-on battle mode.

Wonder Woman also gets a solo poster, as do the other main characters.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in her newly released "Justice League" poster.

Warner Bros.

Later on Friday, Cyborg's (Ray Fisher) teaser and poster came out. Like Wonder Woman, he starts off appearing normal, wearing a letter jacket, even, but quickly transforms to super status.

And here's the poster.

Cyborg is ready for action.

Warner Bros

"Justice League" hits theaters Nov. 17 in the US and UK, and Nov. 16 in Australia.

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