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Women and tablets are BFFs, poll shows

Interested in a slate? Odds are you're a woman in her forties, according to analysis of a holiday tablet poll by Maritz Research.

The ladies love a touch screen, on average.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

If you're thinking of a new iPad, Kindle Fire, or other tablet, there's a pretty good chance you're a woman in your forties, according to one research firm.

Maritz Research conducted its holiday tablet poll of 2,485 consumers in November, but just released an analysis of the data. The firm then broke down the tablet market into four different types of tablet customers based on the responses--low-end buyers, newcomers, single-minded buyers, and tablet-committed buyers.

There are layers of marketing data baked into these profiles to help tablet makers try to add a little more of that secret sauce that's been selling so many iPads and Kindle Fires, but what I found most interesting is that statistically, three of the four types are dominated by women.

In other words, the profile of the average low-end buyer, tablet newcomer, and single-minded buyer (someone only interested in one particular tablet, most often the iPad) are all women in their forties. Only the tablet-committed buyer--someone open to different brands and knowledgeable about at least three or more--is more likely to be a man. Here's Maritz's full demographic breakdown of each segment:

Single-minded buyers (21 percent): 60 percent female, average age is 41. iPad-only. Little familiarity with other brands, 78 percent purchasing the Apple iPad. 40 percent make purchase decision within two weeks.

Tablet-committed buyers (44 percent): 56 percent male, average age is 38. Highly aware of three or more brands, open to purchasing any brand. 58 percent purchasing iPad. 34 percent make purchase decision within two weeks.

Newcomers (13 percent): 60 percent female, average age is 46 and 29 percent over 55. Know Tablet brand names, but nothing else. 58 percent purchasing the iPad. 28 percent purchase within two weeks.

Low-end buyers (22 percent): 54 percent women, average age is 41, buy tablets based on price, want to spend less than $250, 45 percent purchasing the Amazon Kindle Fire, 39 percent make purchase decision within two weeks.
Maritz Research

The household income of all four groups is roughly around $70,000 on average. Even the low-end buyers don't have a much lower average household income, at $62,000 a year.

Not surprisingly, given the holiday shopping hype around tablets, the analysis bodes well for the overall tablet market. It finds 6.2 percent of consumers have purchased a tablet in the past 3 months and 6.8% intend to purchase one in the next 3 months, with a projected 10 percent increase in sales. Also, most consumers fall in the tablet-committed buyers category with its slight male majority. That means a growing number of consumers are becoming more aware of more tablet brands-- perhaps because their mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and girlfriends are so excited about them.