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Woman sues doc for revealing her nose job on clinic site

A New York woman believes she is hurt to the degree of $23 million after her "before" and "after" images are used on her doctor's Web site.

The doctor's site features many before and after shots.
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Before, she didn't like her nose. After, she was happy.

Before, she had a nose job. After, she sued.

What happened in between was that 24-year-old Catherine Manzione's nose job was there for all to see on the Modern Contours Web site of Dr. Grigoriy Mashkevich.

Manzione had her surgery in 2010. It was only this year, however, that she discovered that her "before" and "after" contours were displayed to the general public.

You might have heard the following word before (it's a favorite of those suing for unlawful use of their images): humiliated. That's how Manzione claims to have felt.

As the Daily Mail reports, Manzione insists she had the nose job to boost her confidence.

But now that people know she had a nose job, that confidence has somewhat gone the way of Apple's stock.

Worse, she insists that she is now the potential object of "public ridicule and contempt."

Manzione insists that she did not give permission for her nose -- or, rather, noses -- to be displayed on the site. Many other "before and after" images are, however, still there for the world to admire or sniff at.

Thus far, there seems to be no response from the doctor. One would imagine that normally releases are sought from patients before their sensitive images are used. Perhaps this didn't happen here.

It's unclear, however, whether Manzione's feelings were so hurt because anyone else actually saw the pictures and recognized her. Perhaps it was the fears associated with anyone seeing them that has caused her $23 million worth of trauma.

Surely, though, she is now bringing far more attention to the artificial perfection of her hooter than she would have even if she'd told everyone at Hooter's.

One fears for her, however, if she doesn't succeed in her action.

She might lose face.