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Woman claims Sasquatch caused her to crash car, police say

Commentary: An Idaho woman insists that a Bigfoot sighting caused her to lose attention at the wheel.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Could it have been him?

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Today, in "Bigfoot Lives," we examine the case of the Idaho Sasquatch.

I confess to believing such a thing doesn't exist.

However, as the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports, a 50-year-old Idaho woman insists that one of the legendary creatures distracted her so much that she ended up crashing into a deer.

Just that thought sequence brings pleasure. Well, maybe not to the deer.

The Latah County Sheriff's Office told the Daily News that the woman insisted a 7-8-foot "shaggy" creature had been chasing the deer in the vicinity of US Route 95 near Potlach, Idaho around 11 p.m. last Wednesday.

This attracted her attention. So much so that the deer allegedly crossed her Subaru Forester's path and she hit it.

The Latah County Sheriff's Office didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. The Associated Press reports that the incident was marked as a vehicle hitting a deer, with no mention of the Sasquatch being made.

The legend of Bigfoot is long and tortured. Researchers and bounty hunters constantly claim they have sighted it, only to be unmasked, sooner or later.

Still, famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough insists that claims of Bigfoot's existence are "convincing."

I would still take a lot of convincing to believe that they chase deer and cause car accidents in Idaho.

I think of Bigfoot as a recluse. He wouldn't let himself be spotted. After all, look how many years he's managed to stay in hiding.

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