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Woman says boyfriend kidnapped her Facebook page

A woman who originally met her boyfriend on Facebook accuses him of hijacking her Facebook page and demanding money for its safe return.

I Facebook, therefore I am.

Such might be have been Rene Descartes' rueful rumination on hearing the story of Jessica Zamora-Anderson and her boyfriend, Paul Franco.

Theirs, according to the New York Post, was something of an excitable relationship.

And it all started so promisingly--on Facebook, naturally. Franco, a 38-year-old musician, pretended to be an English teacher in order to attract Zamora-Anderson, who was apparently considering taking a class or two.

Love can suffer from digital damage. CC Le Vent Le Cri/Flickr

Documents presented to the court-- because this has now become a judicial matter-- suggest that, unfortunately, the course of love for these two ran as smoothly as the Pacific Ocean on a January morning. There are allegations of phone-throwing and sex tape blackmail.

However, on February 2, things allegedly went beyond the bounds of human decency. Zamora-Anderson claims that she suddenly couldn't get into her Facebook page.

"He changed all of my personal information and said I was interested in women. I got a lot of requests for relationships with women--and he was the one accepting them," she told the Post.

She claims that Franco then demanded money in exchange for the password to her new, gay Facebook persona.

It is unclear how it is that Franco might have known Zamora-Anderson's original password in order to be in a position to alter her online persona with such deft derision. What is clear is that Franco, of Queens, N.Y., was arrested and charged with coercion and harassment.

Oh, why couldn't this dispute have been solved in the traditional way? You know, by Facebook poll. Or on FarmVille, perhaps.