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Woman, not breast-feeding, thrown off Facebook

Toni Ainsworth, a 21-year-old model, is claiming that her Facebook account has been closed because her pictures were "too sexy." She did, however, pass the areola test.

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Toni Ainsworth is a 21-year-old model who opened a Facebook account.

Because she is a model, she has a lot of pictures of herself taken. Like a fine businesswoman, wishing to extend her brand far and wide, she uploaded them onto her Facebook account.

It is possible that she was not entirely clothed in all the shots. However, no doubt deeply wary of Facebook's Areola Police, who monitor breast-feeding pictures with the latest microscopes, she doctored the pictures on Photoshop. She says she covered all her potentially controversial parts with a barcode--which surely shows a rare artistic bent.

However, one of her 700 closest friends complained to Facebook. Suddenly, the clothes horse became a closed horse. Yes, Facebook barred the barcoded Toni.

No, this is not one of Toni's Photoshopped images. I just rather liked it. CC Riley Roxx

She now fears she may lose lucrative modeling engagements. "It's made life very difficult as I have a lot of events coming up," she told the Sun newspaper.

Facebook, this is the woman who appears at half-time of the home games of the extremely low-class English soccer team called Accrington Stanley. She tries to entertain the fans by kicking the ball wearing highly ambitious six-inch heels.

Are the members of the Facebook Politburo all highly ambitious six-foot heels? Couldn't you just offer her a slap on the, um, wrist? Ask her to promise she won't do it again, whatever it is that you think she did.

I mean, these pictures were taken on a girls' weekend shopping trip in Manchester. Have you ever been to Manchester? Everyone dresses down a little there.

Come on, people, it's Valentine's Day. Show a little peace, love, and understanding.