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Woman makes teary YouTube movies, gets back ex

A woman is heartbroken after splitting with her lover. So she takes to YouTube and pours out her woes. Moved by her performances, her lover returns.

In case you believe that the Web is only being used to cement relationships of a commercial nature, here is a tale that might move you to genuine feeling. Or even to making a YouTube video about the long-lost, ever-missed love of your life.

Kelly Summers, a 53-year-old woman from Nottinghamshire, England, felt the cold chill of a British winter when her boyfriend left her. What made it more painful was that it was actually July. She could have gone to the local pub, sniffled a little over a snifter and poured out her feelings. She could have phoned her friends, wept, wailed, and wallowed.

Instead, she took to YouTube and encountered consequences she might never have imagined, including the return of her Frog Prince. (I know, I know.)

Perhaps it would be easy to be cynical about such a move. Summers is a professional singer, so performance is not exactly anathema to her innards. And there will be those who will believe that posting 62 videos and creating a channel on YouTube might seem a tad excessive.

However, the Froglet Diaries do make for quite riveting viewing, especially for those who feel Brazilian soap operas have become inauthentic of late.

ABC News helpfully highlighted her tale and explained that the channel is called the Froglet Diaries because that is what the boyfriend who forsook her charms, Keith Tallis, aka the Frog Prince, called her as a pet name.

The Froglet Diaries do have a hauntingly honest quality. But you might also ponder why it took public outpouring on video for her man to realize just how wonderful she was and just how much he loved her.

Indeed, as she relates it to ABC News, Summers had been dating Tallis long-distance for a couple of months and only discovered that he was living with a former partner woman and her young child when she paid him a surprise visit. She ended it, but Tallis subsequently traveled to see her saying that he was a single man. They got back together, but then Tallis left Summers after 10 days in order to return to his former life, according to the ABC report.

Tallis tells ABC News: "It was quite distressing. I didn't realize the devastation. You walk away from something and you think purely about yourself. When I looked at it I thought, 'Oh God how awful'...It was a horrible feeling that someone could be in such a state and I didn't know about it."

Some might imagine that he might have guessed that Summers wouldn't be too happy. But then Summers made a special video for his birthday. "It just hit me how much I loved her and I realized this is where I belong," he told ABC News.

Please let the gushing flow as I tell you that Summers intends to continue her YouTube presence in order to show others that an emotional journey on YouTube can be cathartic. And even successful.

In her latest diary, posted Monday, Summers revealed that things have gone "spectacularly off the scale." She has had a lot of interest from "TV, magazines, New York." She also revealed, however, that her mother had a heart attack and died Saturday night.

One can only wish her well with whatever episodes might come next. In the meantime, here's one of her first: