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Woman killed by train; man allegedly steals her phone

Surveillance video from moments after a woman is killed by a Boston Red Line train shows a man put his foot on her phone, before picking it up and walking away with it. Today, he has turned himself in.

He seems shocked. But look what's under his right foot. Massachusette Transit Police

Never assume that, even in the moment of death, everyone has sympathy.

Here, for example, is a case that shows some of humanity's baser thought processes.

A woman was killed on Thursday night by a Boston Red Line train at Downtown Crossing Station. Subsequently, police looked at the CCTV video from the station to see what might have happened.

What they saw -- and released to the public -- was a man appearing to show shock at what had happened. However, lying by his feet was a phone in an orange case. It had allegedly flown out of the woman's purse.

At first, the footage shows the man placing his right foot on the phone. Then, he looks around to see if anyone is paying attention to him. Seemingly satisfied that they aren't, he picks up the phone and walks away with it.

As WCVB-TV reports, members of the public were stunned when shown the footage. Acting transit police chief Kenneth Green had no doubt that this was a theft. He told CBS Boston: "Reprehensible. There may be pictures on there that might be something that the family may need."

This morning, the Transit Police announced that a 26-year-old man from Brockton, Mass., had turned himself in and will be arraigned on Monday.

The phone was, the police say, still in his possession.