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Woman breaks into house to browse Facebook, police say

A student at the University of Georgia allegedly breaks into another woman's house and takes over her laptop. Purely for social purposes.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's possibly one of the less pleasant experiences in life to come home after a night with your boyfriend to discover someone is using your laptop.

Yes, sitting right there in your living room, browsing her Facebook page as if this was, in fact, her house.

This, sadly, is what apparently happened to a 33-year-old resident of Athens, Ga.

As the Athens Banner-Herald has it, the homeowner got back to her house Sunday lunchtime to find an unknown (and currently unnamed) blond woman allegedly browsing Facebook.

It's not recorded whether this blond lady might have been in desperate need of catching up with friends or whether she had been overtaken by the urge to post footage from a recent social event.

The police, though, say that the blonde was kind and aware enough to say sorry in something of a halting manner before grabbing her things and scarpering.

As sometimes happens when we scarper without preparation, she allegedly left her Facebook page open on the laptop.

This served as a rather useful means of identification. Indeed, police say that the blond lady was having a cheery IM chat with someone to whom she had passed the address at which she was currently, well, house-sitting.

Without naming names, the police say the suspect is an 18-year-old University of Georgia student. She might not, one suspects, be a law student.

Though it's unclear how the alleged intruder managed to enter the house, there is a troubling accusation that she urinated on the couch.

This seems a touch ungrateful. The English have a phrase for this sort of thing: taking the piss.

If you've managed to purloin the use of a house and a laptop, it seems churlish not to avail yourself of other facilities.

However, sometimes an IM chat on Facebook can just be so very exciting that it's hard to drag oneself away.