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Wolfgang's Vault concert app hits Boxee

Boxee announces a new Wolfgang's Vault live music app for its streaming media platform.

Screenshot of the Wolfgang's Vault app for Boxee
The app version of the Wolfgang's Vault live music archive offers an impressive roster of artists in an attractive interface. Boxee

Fans of live music and Boxee's free media-streaming software have reason to celebrate today.

No, it's not the Boxee set-top box (though they really should get cracking on that thing before Google spoils the party). Instead, users have access to a new streaming-music app that draws from the cherished Wolfgang's Vault catalog.

With live concert recordings that date from the 1940s to present day, the Wolfgang's Vault Web site has a loyal following of music fans. The Boxee app version of the music service (pictured above) repackages the archives of the vault into an attractive, easily navigable database of streaming audio.

Users can search for specific artists or songs, or browse by genre, performers, or catalogs such as SXSW, Daytrotter, Noise Pop, and others. Preset radio stations, such as Bill Graham Radio, serve up an endless curated selection of live concert recordings. Similar to the music service (also available as a Boxee app), listeners are able to "favorite" any currently playing track, bookmarking their favorite songs and artists to their account.

As with the Wolfgang's Vault site, users are limited to 10 hours of free streaming music per month, with the option of upgrading to paid $4/month VIP account for unlimited access and higher-quality streaming audio. For insatiable Deadheads and "tapers," $4 seems like a decent bargain. Plus, there's a built-in acid flashback visualizer for added retro authenticity.

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