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With which service can you watch that movie?

Whether you want to stream, rent, or purchase a movie, Can I shows you your options.

So many streaming services, so little time. It's no fun starting off an evening by spending more time searching for a movie to watch than actually watching a movie. If you often find yourself paralyzed by choice with the many options available today, Can I can help. Whether using the Can I Web site, iPhone app, or Android app, the service lets you search across multiple platforms to find the movie or TV show you want.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The service tracks subscription streaming services, digital rentals, digital purchases, DVD and Blu-ray purchases and rentals, and online fare for Xfinity subscribers. The streaming services it scans are pictured below:

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

When you search for a title, Can I shows you the the services where you can stream, rent, or purchase it. If you create an account (via e-mail or Facebook), you can have Can I notify you when it becomes available on a particular service. Setting these reminders is as easy as one click or tap.

Alternatively, if you prefer the cinema, you can keep track of upcoming premieres with Movie Cron.