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With iPads in the wild, buyers react

As new iPad owners get a chance to try out their new device, their reactions are beginning to trickle in.

iPad Apple
Now that people have had the chance to try out their iPads, some initial impressions are coming in. James Martin/CNET

Already the iPad has been estimated to have outsold the original iPhone in opening weekend sales. After waiting in line or for UPS to deliver, the first customers are unboxing their new iPads, and their reactions to the gadget are beginning to come in.

There seem to be few complaints from new owners though one issue did come up almost immediately. Some users who have connected their iPad via USB are getting a notification that says "not charging." Apple's support site says some USB ports--typically older computers or USB hubs--are not powerful enough to charge the iPad while it is in use, or may do so slowly.

Apple told MacWorld that it's recommended to charge the iPad via the included USB wall charge adapter because you can still use it while it's charging. However, if using a lower-power USB port or hub, the iPad will still charge, but only while it's in sleep mode, not while in use.

Otherwise, reactions seem pretty positive. A search of "iPad" on Twitter revealed almost 1,000 new mentions of the device every five minutes. Most were positive, including some saying the iPad was a "big hit at Easter dinner."

Roman Mittermayr of Seattle was spotted trying out his new iPad in a San Francisco Starbucks on Saturday. He said his first experience with the device was positive, but said he could already foresee some drawbacks to not having purchased the 3G version.

"Wi-Fi only is fine for coffee shops, but I travel for business, and hotel Wi-Fi you usually have to pay for. So that could be an issue," he said. He also said he was not a huge fan of the case, which can be used as an iPad stand. The case does not provide the most comfortable viewing angle, he said.

Gizmodo found some issues typing on the virtual keyboard, calling it "serviceable but not without strange moments."

The more curious among us couldn't just be satisfied swiping, pinching, and typing on their new iPad. iFixit did a teardown of the device Saturday, revealing what the tablet looks like on the inside.

And the members of the iPhone Dev Team, whose mission is to unlock the software of every new iPhone OS version, have turned their attention to the iPad. The team claims to have jailbroken the iPad after one day.

If you picked up an iPad this weekend, we also want to hear from you. Leave your first impressions in the comments below.