Wishing for cell phones from CeBIT

CNET UK checks out the coolest new cell phones from the German technology show.

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Kent German
Asus P735
Asus P735 CNET Networks

It's now two weeks before CTIA and you know what that means--our European cousins kick off their own gadget blowout with the annual CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany. Like CES, this tech party covers all corners of the gadget world but you can bet cell phones will make an impressive showing. It can be quite exciting for a cell phone fiend, until you realize that few of the flashy handsets will make it to U.S. carriers.

That said, our colleagues at CNET UK have hit the ground running and already have posted photos of new handsets from Asus such as the P735. What's that you ask? Asus makes cell phones? Well, yes they do, but as I said earlier, this is a Europe-centric show.

But if you don't mind the torture of seeing devices that will only trickle across the pond, then check out CNET UK's continuing coverage. And don't forget to check back starting March 26 when Crave will bring you the latest and greatest in U.S. cell phones from the CTIA show in Orlando, Fla.